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Let Your Feet Do the Talking


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There are many factors that lead teams to victory, but one of the most important is formation. When a team has proper formation and technique, there are seemingly endless ways to achieve their end goal, whatever it may be.

It’s important that teams play in formation and present a unified front, but it is equally as important for them to practice this way too. This is especially true for the game of futsal. Futsal is played on an indoor court and is smaller than other forms of indoor soccer. This makes each player’s position all the more crucial.

Futsal teams have fewer players than traditional teams, making it key for players to be smart on the court. When choosing the best formation for your team, it’s important to have one player dedicated to attacking, and one dedicated to defending.

Get in Formation

There are four major formations all teams should know and practice. The first is the Diamond. The Diamond is one of the most popular, and contains one player in defense, two in midfield, and one striker. One benefit of playing this formation is that the midfielders can help to attack and provide defense.

The Square is next, which contains two defenders and two strikers/attackers. This provides support and good balance. One thing to be aware of is that with poor communication between players, misunderstandings can lead to a loss.

The Pyramid is set up of two defenders, one midfielder, and one striker. An advantage of this formation is that if one defender goes on an attack, there’s still one to protect the field. Something to be aware of is the need for a strong midfielder as they will support both offense and defense.

The last formation is the Y. The Y consists of one defender, one midfielder, and two strikers. Playing the Y provides a healthy attack setup and a heavy offensive setup, leading to success.

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